Who We Are

Custom Combat trucks started out as a hobby.  I simply wanted to drive the most awesome vehicle possible.  Awesome simply didn't come in a factory package for me.  After finding a mostly serviceable M35 (military cargo truck commonly referred to as a duece and a half or 2.5 ton) my dream began.  I quickly learned that this was not the most comfortable vehicle to ride around in.  We started creating solutions for comfort and quickly moved to M923 trucks (Commonly called the 5 Ton).  I turned the plain 5 ton into my own custom military truck.  With some creature comforts and a crew cab, I had the vehicle of my dreams.  People would stop me everywhere so their kids could take pictures of their kids in my custom military truck.  So, I got to thinking.... "Maybe someone else might want one of their own."  I had built one, worked hard with some of my most trusted friends to create this one and we certainly had come up with millions of ideas of how to make another bobbed, crew cab 5 Ton. I tossed the original Custom Combat Truck up for auction and the response was outstanding.  The response led me to create what you now see CUSTOM COMBAT TRUCKS!